What We Do

Create and empower a new generation of Hamilton bike riders. 

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At Bike for Mike our mission is to help make Hamilton a more cycle-friendly city by creating and empowering a new generation of bike riders. By providing children and families across Hamilton with bicycles we hope to inspire a new group of ambassadors that will work together with the ever growing cycling community to show [them] the way. To show kids of all ages the joys of riding a bike. To show parents that cycling is the way to a better quality of life. To show Hamilton that car dependency is not a foregone conclusion. And to show our city that the cycling community is continuing to grow and will not rest until we have safer streets for riders of all ages.


  1. Increase awareness of the joy and benefits of cycling
  2. Increase the number of active cyclists
  3. Raise funds and advocate for safe infrastructure so that 100% of children who are able will cycle or walk to school each day.

To achieve these goals, we’ve created two programs: the annual Bike for Mike Ride event and the Daily School Route.

You can help support the Bike for Mike programs by donating to the Michael Chamberlain Fund.