The Brassie is a local pub in Ancaster. We serve delicious fresh homemade food with attentive service. We have the largest selection of beer taps in this area as well. We think that Bike for Mike supports a wonderful cause and we wanted to do whatever we could to help promote it and raise funds. We support Bike for Mike because we love supporting the community and several of us are bike riders ourselves and understand the barriers that some riders may have. In addition to that, any charity that helps out children who are less fortunate is always something we want to be a part of.Grupetto is a community minded cyclo cafe working to improve cycling infrastructure and give back to our community. Any opportunity to give people the gift of mobility by bicycle is very special. Kids and adults alike need to have reliable, safe and beautiful places to ride to work, play or leisure. We support Bike for Mike because they continue to push the mission of taking care of our immediate community with the vision that Mike possessed. Bicycles open up people’s immediate world, are environmentally friendly and keep us healthy.The National Cycling Centre Hamilton is a not-for-profit corporation and was created as a legacy organization following the very successful 2003 UCI World Road Cycling Championships in Hamilton, Ontario. Mike was a lover of cycling & travelling, and all it has to offer, NCCH connects with his passion, and in some way can help in sharing this message. We know riders are vulnerable road users, and through education, safety skills, and public awareness, we can help others enjoy the special feeling that cycling can give. NCCH is very supportive of local initiatives, and the Bike for Mike vision is to help make Hamilton a more cycling-friendly city, by creating and empowering a new generation of bike riders, really resonates with NCCH, it aligns very well with our vision.New Hope Community Bikes is a cycle education charity that recycles 400-500 donated bikes per year and teaches over 1500 students per year safe cycling in Hamilton elementary schools. Bike for Mike is special because of it’s ability to reach so many kids throughout the city and inspire them to cycle by providing bicycles. The annual Mike Ride has also become a main event within the city’s annual cycling calendar and is a great way to bring so many people together for a great cause. We support Bike for Mike because we want to see more kids riding bikes to and from school. Bike for Mike’s goals of getting kids cycling align perfectly with our goals of teaching basic safe cycling skills within the schools.

Bike For Mike is a special organization in Ontario because it provides a strong sense of connection between the families that they connect with and cycling.  By ensuring that entire families receive bikes, helmets and locks, as well as education about safe road use, Bike for Mike is creating a culture of cycling in Hamilton, one new family of riders at a time. When you participate in Bike for Mike, you know that every dollar you raise is going directly to providing bikes and equipment for families who need them – it gives the ride a really unique and collegial feeling. Share the Road proudly supports the work of Bike For Mike because their goals and ideals align directly with our own goal of creating a more Bicycle Friendly Ontario. They focus on providing access and opportunity to cycle in areas where cycling isn’t just for recreation – it can be a way to get around your community in a cost-effective, healthy and sustainable manner. Bike for Mike recognizes that the best way to build a stronger culture of cycling is relatively simple: get more people riding bikes more often, and that’s exactly what they aim to do.

Today’s Family supports children every step of the way. We are proud to be partners with Bike for Mike. Together we are supporting healthy lifestyles, enhancing children’s lives and collaborating with our local community. It is the right thing to do. We are building healthy communities with our youngest citizens.