11 Years. Your Route. 1 Cause.

Why do we Ride?

When a child rides a bike, they experience independence, improved health, and most importantly…fun! Whether he was working as a bicycle messenger downtown, commuting to McMaster University, or cycling up Sydenham Hill or down Sulphur Springs, Mike loved to ride. Help us show [them] the way and spread Mike’s message of making Hamilton a more cycle friendly city at this year’s Mike Ride!

While the roots of Bike for Mike are in cycling, we’ve combined this with broader movement initiatives; cycling, walking, scootering, and any other human powered form of getting around – with the intent of reaching all and aspiring to 100% of youth using active transportation to and from school each day. 

While COVID-19 has changed many aspects of our routine, it has also revealed an opportunity to change how we move around our cities. In the past year, we’ve worked in tandem with Hamilton elementary schools to improve cycling and pedestrian processes. The result is the Daily School Route (DSR), an active transportation system for youth, designed with the help of youth.

Join us on Sunday, May 2, 2021 for the 11th annual Mike Ride – Virtually!

Thanks to everyone who was involved in the 10th Annual Mike Ride last October. We had over 100 riders of all ages participate, who together raised over $16 000. These funds have supported our active school travel programming in Hamilton Elementary Schools during the 2020-2021 school year.

Even though it has been a short time since our fall ride, we want to get back to our familiar, first Sunday in May date for the Mike Ride. Due to the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to continue with the virtual format in 2021, with a hopeful return to our regular in person event in 2022. The spirit of the Mike Ride has always been about family – riding together and enjoying the experience for a cause: helping children walk and bike to school on a daily basis. 2021 is no different as we ride apart but ‘together’ on the roads and trails of Hamilton. Picture a beautiful spring ride with the May flowers as you kick off the 2021 cycling season with your family.

Bike for Mike is compliant with the province’s latest COVID-19 guidelines, and we want to ensure that participants are as well. Please do not ride with anyone outside of your household, and make a smart choice when deciding how you will participate.

Event Details

This year’s Mike Ride will follow a similar format to last year’s. Register online and pledge to ride a distance of your choice. You can ride one of our original routes*, or you can get creative and show us your favourite places to ride. If you’d like to ride your chosen distance over multiple days, that is fine with us! 

This is a family ride, and we hope participants will enjoy the day by riding with the people in their COVID-19 bubble. Feel free to take pictures and post them to Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #MikeRide2021. We would love to see the routes you’re riding as well, so if you use an activity app like Strava or Garmin, post them using the same hashtag. We will be hosting a virtual opening ceremony the morning of the ride on our Facebook page.

There is no registration fee this year. We ask that participants do their best to fundraise as in previous years to support our student active travel programs.

Here’s a fundraising tip: Pledge to ride one kilometre for every $1 raised, or, Have someone pledge $1 for every kilometre you ride!

*Maps of our original routes can be found here

Event FAQ

Q: Is there a registration fee?

There is no registration fee this year.

Q: Are there fundraising minimums?

There are no fundraising minimums. We ask everyone to do their best to fundraise as in previous years in support of our student travel programs.

Q: Is there a giveaway with registration?

There will be no giveaways this year.

Q: Do I have to ride on May 2 or can I participate another time?

Our official day and ceremonies will be on May 2; however, if you are unable to ride that day, you can ride at any time during the week of May 2-9.

Q: Do I have to ride a specific route?

No. You can make up your own route if you’d like! If you want to ride one of our original routes, they can be found here.

Q: Is there a hashtag we should use on our virtual rides?


Q: What are the rules of the road?

You can read more about the rules of the road at MTO’s cycling guide.

Don’t have your question answered here? Reach out to dan@bikeformike.org for assistance.

Awarded to the highest individual fundraiser

The Mountain Life

Jany Mitges

This incredible mountain biking charcuterie board, created by Jany Mitges, is done on live edge black walnut. It can be used as a charcuterie to serve up the tastiest of snacks or hung on a wall for the mountain biker in mind.

Jany is an artist based out of Hamilton, Ontario who specializes in wood burned art. She’s also an accomplished cyclist and climber! You can learn more about Jany and her wonderful art here: Jany Mitges (janymitgesfinearts.com).

This will be awarded to the individual with the highest fundraising amount at the 2021 Mike Ride.

The Daily School Route

All of the funds raised at the Mike Ride go towards getting 100% of kids walking/biking to and from school every day. Our approach is the DSR, an active transportation system for kids, with kids.

The DSR is currently working with 5 elementary schools of the HWCDSB. We partnered with these schools at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year with the intention of developing our approach to improving the active transportation environment and getting more students walking/wheeling to school. Despite the unprecedented circumstances that this year has brought, these schools have shown incredible support for this project. In a collaborative effort, each school community has identified the ‘network’ of routes that students take to school, the barriers they face along the way, and different projects to overcome these barriers. This Spring we are beginning to designate these routes as “Daily School Routes”, which we see as a critical component to creating an active transportation system for kids. While it has been put on hold this past year, we will still be providing bicycles for kids, this time in the form of a BikeShare system called KoBi (Kids on Bikes), which will be a part of the DSR.

We are excited to announce that the website for the DSR has recently been completed, which will serve as a communication hub for our programming efforts. Learn more here: www.dailyschoolroute.org

Thanks to our Sponsors

Since the event is virtual this year, the presence of sponsors is reduced. Over the past 11 years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with a long list of partners and sponsors who have been great supporters of the Mike Ride and Bike for Mike’s various initiatives. These groups include the Hamilton Community Foundation, PV Labs, IG Private Wealth Management Fox Group, Collective Arts Brewing, Nine-O, NCCH, New Hope Community Bikes, Share the Road, Blackbird Brewing (formerly Rosseau House), Fortinos, Hutch’s, Made Good, and the Hamilton Police Cycling Team. We would not be who we are without the continuous support of these groups. We look forward to working with all of these folks to host a great event in 2021 and onward!

We would not be who we are without these groups.