10 Years. 5 Routes. 1 Cause.

We’d like to extend a thank you to all participants, donors, and supporters of this year’s virtual ride from October 4-10. We had over 100 people riding a bike in support of Bike for Mike! Thanks to your generous contributions, we raised over $16000, which will go towards supporting our active school travel programming. We hope to host our in person event on Sunday, May 2, 2021. Stay tuned for more details!

Join us on October 4, 2020 for the 10th annual Mike Ride – Virtually!

Whether he was working as a bicycle messenger downtown, commuting to McMaster University, or cycling up Sydenham Hill or down Sulphur Springs, Mike loved to ride. Help us show [them] the way and spread Mike’s message of making Hamilton a more cycle friendly city at this year’s Mike Ride!

Sadly, due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to host the 10th annual Mike Ride in-person. This will not stop us from continuing to honour the vision that Mike had for building a culture of cycling in our city. It has always been about riding together and riding safely. This year, we’ll be riding together, but physically apart.

Event Details

As we can’t gather together, all involvement in the Mike Ride will be remote. So, on October 4, choose one of our event distances; 1, 5, 25, 50, or 75km and design your own route or ride one of our original routes*. If possible, create a map or use an activity tracking app (e.g. strava, garmin) and post photos of your ride to social media using the hashtag #MikeRide2020. While October 4 is the main event day, participants can ride at any point throughout the week of October 4-10, which is Mental Health Week. If you’re feeling up to it, ride your chosen distance on multiple days, or take multiple days to ride a longer distance of your choice! We’re leaving it in your hands to put your personal twist on the event.

There is no specific start time this year; however, to kick off the event, we will be hosting live opening ceremonies at 8:00am on the morning of October 4, before setting out on our ride. Tune into this on Bike for Mike’s Facebook page.

This year, there will be no registration fee; however we ask everyone do their best to fund raise as in previous years in support of our student active travel programs.

*Maps of our original routes can be found here

Thanks to our Sponsors

Since the event is virtual this year, the presence of sponsors is reduced. Over the past 10 years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with a long list of partners and sponsors who have been great supporters of the Mike Ride and Bike for Mike’s various initiatives. These groups include the Hamilton Community Foundation, PV Labs, IG Private Wealth Management Fox Group, Collective Arts Brewing, Leggat Auto Group, Pattison Outdoor Advertising, Direct Traffic Management, Nine-O, ClearCable, Grupetto, NCCH, New Hope Community Bikes, Share the Road, Rousseau House, Naroma Pizza Bar, Fortinos, Hutch’s, Made Good, and the Hamilton Police Cycling Team. The Mike Ride would not be the same without the continuous support of these groups. We look forward to working with all of these folks to host a great event in 2021 and onward!

Event FAQ

Q: is there a registration fee?

There is no registration fee this year.

Q: Are there fundraising minimums?

There are no fundraising minimums. We ask everyone to do their best to fund raise as in previous years in support of our student travel programs.

Q: Is there a giveaway with registration?

There will be no giveaways this year.

Q: Do I have to ride on October 4 or can I participate another time?

Our official day and ceremonies will be on October 4; however, if you are unable to ride that day, you can ride at any time during the week of October 4-10.

Q: Do I have to ride a specific route?

No. You can make up your own route if you’d like! If you want to ride one of our original routes, they can be found here.

Q: Is there a hashtag we should use on our virtual rides?


Q: What are the rules of the road?

You can read more about the rules of the road at MTO’s cycling guide.

Don’t have your question answered here? Reach out to dan@bikeformike.org for assistance.

What we’re working on

We’re currently focused on a project called the Daily School Route (DSR), which is an active transportation system for kids. We think that considering all of the elements associated with active school travel as part of a greater system, we can orient them towards achieving one purpose: enable every student to safely walk or bike to school, and have fun doing it. This means having safe infrastructure, programs that work together to support students, and activities to celebrate and encourage walkers and rollers. Ultimately, we hope to achieve our aspiration that 100% of students who are able will walk or bike to and from school.

Learn more about the DSR and our upcoming projects by clicking here