Our Aspiration

100% of Hamilton students walking or biking to school on a daily basis

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At Bike for Mike, our mission is to get kids physically active on a daily basis because of the transformative effect this can have on the way they experience the world. We do this by creating better opportunities for them to walk/wheel to school. This is the one activity that we can think of that benefits their physical, cognitive, and mental health, their independence, and teaches them the value of environmental stewardship. Our aspiration is to get 100% of students walking/wheeling to and from school on a daily basis. To get there, we created the Daily School Route (DSR).

Our annual cycling event takes place on the first Sunday of June and is a fundraiser for the DSR. As the name suggests, our roots are in cycling. The bicycle gives us the power to do more, see more, and access a better quality of life. It has always been part of our mission to show kids of all ages the joys of riding a bike. To show parents that cycling is the way to a better quality of life. To show Hamilton that car dependency is not a foregone conclusion. And to show our city that the cycling community is continuing to grow and will not rest until we have safer streets for riders of all ages. 

You can help support the Bike for Mike programs by donating to the Michael Chamberlain Fund.