Bike for Mike is inspired by Mike Chamberlain, an avid cyclist and world traveller, whose love and passion for adventure carried him to some of the most breathtaking bike trails around the world. Even after cycling up and down the Alps and along the challenging dirt trails of Southeast Asia, for Mike, no ride ever quite compared to the roads and trails of Hamilton.

As an individual, Mike always loved helping family and friends discover the joys and personal benefits of cycling.

As a part of the community, Mike understood the health and environmental benefits of cycling. By raising awareness of cycling in Hamilton, Mike wanted to show how beautiful our city can be from the viewpoint of a cyclist, as well as how much work there still is to do to make our city safer for cyclists of all ages.

Sadly, Mike passed away on May 29, 2010.

Bike for Mike is our attempt to help Mike’s dream of making Hamilton a more cycle-friendly city become a reality.

To help realize Mike’s vision, the Chamberlain family, along with a dedicated team of friends, have created the Bike for Mike community organization, which is funded through the Michael Chamberlain Fund at the Hamilton Community Foundation, a registered charity.

Together it is our goal to show the city of Hamilton the importance of safer streets, so that everyone, regardless of their cycling experience and age, can experience the joys and personal benefits of riding a bicycle.