14th Annual Bike for Mike

Join us on Sunday, June 2, 2024 at Collective Arts Brewing for our annual fundraising ride!

How the event works

  1. Register to ride one of 6 different routes, either as an individual or on a team. New this year: the 10km family ride!
  2. Donate and/or pledge to fundraise for your ride.
  3. Invite your friends, family, coworkers to ride.
  4. Meet us on Sunday, June 2, 2024 for a day of cycling and musical fun.

After the ride

Finishing your ride means its time to celebrate! Browse local art, enjoy live music, try the bicycle obstacle course, and enjoy lunch and a drink with friends and family.

Why Ride?

Taking part in Bike for Mike will help us continue to create healthy communities and safe streets that promote active transportation for kids, which benefits everyone. When you ride, you’re supporting kids’ mental, cognitive, and physical health, their mobility, the environment, community, and of course – ride for the love of it!

What are we fundraising for?

Walking or biking (or rolling, etc.) to school is an opportunity for kids to learn about their neighbourhood, develop independence, spend time with friends/family, and help the environment. We believe that designing communities so that kids can safely and conveniently walk, bike, or use assisted mobility devices to get to their daily destinations is the best proxy for serving all citizens.

Through working with Hamilton school communities (students, their caregivers, educators, and other community members), we have learned that a primary barrier to walking or biking to school is the design of neighbourhoods. This design has resulted from prioritizing the movement of automobiles over the needs of children, and as a city we continue to design this way. To support safe and convenient mobility for kids, we must think differently.

The DSR is an active transportation system for kids with the aspiration of getting 100% of students using active transportation on their daily journey to school. The DSR works with HWDSB and HWCDSB school communities to elevate the status of kids in city building. Learn more on our website, www.dailyschoolroute.org.